Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory

Whenever our government classifies a member of the military as Missing in Action (MIA) or Killed in Action (KIA) the family is notified.  However, it may be years or decades before recovery of any remains is achieved, if ever.

In 1991 the Armed Forces DNA Identification Laboratory (AFDIL), a division of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner System, was established as the only Department of Defense (DOD) forensic DNA testing laboratory for the identification of human remains.

Advances in science now make it possible to identify human remains through the analysis of DNA.  To assist AFDIL in the identification process families can submit their own DNA for matching with currently recovered remains, or stored in government labs specially designed to preserve DNA for future recoveries.

If you have a loved one that has been lost, killed, or was listed as missing in action and have not recovered their remains, please know there is help.

By following the directions on the linked document, you may find the closure that you have been hoping for: Identify My Loved One


Tomb of the Unknown Soldier