A Message from Lt. Governor Sabina Matos

Dear Rhode Islanders:

Just over one year ago, I was appointed as your Lieutenant Governor. During that time, I have had the honor to visit all of our 39 cities and towns to speak with you, your elected leaders, and small business owners to hear the challenges and wins for your community.

Out of all of those visits, three things have become apparent to me.

First, Rhode Islanders are resilient. We don’t back down from the causes we hold dear, we want what’s best for our communities, and we are always willing to help our fellow neighbors. I have seen this firsthand at food drives, vaccine clinics, and so many more events.

Second, regardless of being a small town or one of our urban cores, every community faces similar challenges around housing. There is not enough inventory, affordability is pushing long-time residents out of the communities they love, and homelessness is becoming an even greater reality for many on the margins.

Third, our small businesses need help, whether it’s understanding where to access critical COVID-19 recovery aid, filling positions, or even just knowing the right state or local office to call for help.

As Lieutenant Governor, I am here to serve you. My office is available to help assist in whatever way we can, and I am proud of the team I have assembled because we do just that. I like to say "we are the great connector."

We can connect you to vital services that you may need, we can connect you to the right person at the right agency to address the challenge you are facing, and we can pull from our vast networks to get the job done – for you.

As we move forward, I wanted to introduce myself and share a little of what we have done to move Rhode Island ahead.

I hope you enjoy our newsletter, and I look forward to seeing you on my next visit to your community.

With thanks and hope,

Lieutenant Governor Sabina Matos

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