What They’re Saying: National Supermarket Association Chooses Providence for Headquarters of New England Chapter

Published on Tuesday, June 25, 2024

PROVIDENCE, RI – The announcement from Lieutenant Governor Sabina Matos that the National Supermarket Association will open its New England headquarters in downtown Providence drew praise and excitement from local government officials, food policy experts, and business leaders. Read what they’re saying below:


Mayor of Providence Brett P. Smiley:

“I'm thrilled to welcome the National Supermarket Association to Providence. The NSA aligns with our commitment to enrich our diverse network of independent businesses and strengthen the local economy in every Providence neighborhood. We look forward to a long and successful partnership here in Providence.”


Secretary of Commerce Liz Tanner:

“Rhode Island’s strong food economy enhances our communities’ well-being, promotes healthier lifestyles, provides jobs, and ensures access to fresh, nutritious food. The newly formed New England Chapter of the National Supermarket Association chose a great landing spot and I look forward to working with them - and companies of all sizes - to drive economic growth and keep our communities vibrant.”


Nessa Richman, Executive Director, Rhode Island Food Policy Council:

"Independent supermarkets have the ability to serve their communities by providing a high level of community-oriented food and customer service. They also have a level of flexibility in procuring locally grown, harvested, and manufactured food that traditional supermarket chains don't. RIFPC applauds the fact that the National Supermarket Association is locating a new office in Providence and looks forward to increased access to affordable, culturally desired food in our communities as a result of their work."


Joseph R. Paolino, Jr., CEO and Managing Partner of Paolino Properties, who brokered the sale of the building at 61 Weybosset Street:

“The opening of the National Association of Supermarkets' New England Chapter in downtown Providence adds to the city's diversity and independent spirit. Lt. Governor Sabina Matos, who played a crucial role in bringing them here, deserves credit. As the NSA welcomes its members to Providence to meet, work, and connect, we are reminded of the importance of investing in the neighborhood here to make it a lively and vibrant place for workers, residents, and visitors.”


Oscar Mejias, Chief Executive Officer, RI Hispanic Chamber of Commerce:

"The Rhode Island Hispanic Chamber of Commerce (RIHCC) emphasizes the significance of promoting independent grocery stores to maintain affordable and accessible food options for communities of color. The presence of National Supermarket Association (NSA) aims to bolster these efforts by leveraging NSA's resources and expertise for our Small Business Community. By working together, we strive to ensure that local businesses thrive and families in our diverse communities have access to nutritious food at reasonable prices. We welcome NSA to Rhode Island!"


UNFI, Providence-based grocery wholesaler:

"UNFI is pleased that the National Supermarket Association's New England Chapter has chosen Providence, RI to locate its regional headquarters. As a fellow Rhode Island-based business we welcome them to the neighborhood and look forward to working with them on industry issues that serve all New Englanders."