Small Business Advocacy Council

  • The Small Business Advocacy Council gives small business a voice in government. SBAC is made up of small business owners throughout the state and government officials, including members of Commerce RI. The council is chaired by Lieutenant Sabina Matos.
  • SBAC Statute
    The SBAC addresses a range of issues including:
  • Problems and needs of small businesses
  • Role of small business in creating jobs
  • Status of women and minorities as small business owners
  • Rules and regulations of state and local government that affect small business
  • Policies and practices of governmental bodies in dealing with small business
  • Information on programs that provide assistance to small business
  • Dialogue between government and small business
  • Effects of health care costs on small business, government regulation, and taxation

Minutes & Agendas

Long Term Care Coordinating Council

  • The Long Term Care Coordinating Council works to preserve seniors' quality of life in all settings. LTCCC develops and coordinates state policy concerning all forms of long-term health care for the elderly and adults with chronic disabilities and illnesses. Members include representatives from healthcare organizations from across the state.

  • LTCCC Statute
    LTCCC addresses a range of issues including:
  • Standards and quality performance
  • Personnel issues including training standards, recruitment, and staffing needs
  • Enforcement of long-term care regulations
  • Patient and client rights
  • Eligibility and access issues
  • Adequacy of funding and delivery of long-term care services

Minutes & Agendas

Aging in Community Progress Report
Aging in Community 2019 Legislative Agenda
Aging in Community Full Report
Aging in Community Executive Summary


Alzheimer's State Plan Executive Board

  • The Executive Board on Alzheimer's Disease and Related Disorders was convened by Lt. Governor Daniel J. McKee in 2016. The board consists of distinguished researchers, advocates, clinicians and caregivers who are dedicated to overseeing the implementation of the State Plan on Alzheimer’s Disease and Related Disorders. Lt. Governor Sabina Matos will carry on this important initiative.
  • The Executive Board addresses a range of issues including:
  • Revisiting the goals of the Alzheimer’s State Plan and updating them as necessary.

Minutes & Agendas
Alzheimer's State Plan


Emergency Management Advisory Council

  • The Emergency Management Advisory Council reviews information and programs regarding emergency management and to makes recommendations to the Governor on such issues. EMAC is made up of representatives from emergency preparedness groups from across the state and is chaired by Lieutenant Governor Matos.
  • EMAC Statute
    EMAC addresses a range of issues including:
  • Goals for emergency management matters on an annual basis
  • Coordination of the state's emergency management programs with appropriate agencies
  • Review of the disaster preparedness plans and operations of cities and towns

Minutes & Agendas

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